"Phantom Jack" Finds a New Home with Speakeasy

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada -- November 30, 2004 – Continuing to add titles and creators to their growing roster, Speakeasy Comics has added Michael San Giacomo's Phantom Jack to their publishing schedule for 2005.

Jack Baxter (Phantom Jack) is just a guy. He doesn't want to be Batman, he just wants to do his job as a newspaper reporter. He uses his invisibility powers in clever ways [the Fantastic Four's] Sue Storm or [Legion of Superheroes Invisible Kid] Lyle Norg have not thought of to get the newspaper stories that affect people's lives. He also is troubled by the reporter's 'Prime Directive' to remain detached, and sometimes ignores it for the greater good.

"I was quite surprised to hear about the problems Michael was having with his publisher. Surprised, but happy after he and I ended up speaking," said Fortier. "In speaking with Mike about his future plans, I think they intersect nicely with my goals for Speakeasy."

"When I talked to Adam it was clear that he 'got it'" San Giacomo added. "He read and enjoyed Phantom Jack and understood where I was coming from. It was great to talk to a comic company exec who was still excited about comics."

Initial plans for Phantom Jack call for Speakeasy to release a trade paperback collection, including all five Image issues of the series, plus a new, 23-page prequel story and an additional 20 pages of new text and art for a "Director's Cut" package that will run upwards of 180 pages.

The newly created prequel will lead directly into issue number one and will also lead directly into a new three-issue series called Phantom Jack: The Nowhere Man Agenda. Both projects are scheduled to be released by Speakeasy in 2005.

Phantom Jack originally started as a dare from Marvel to San Giacomo, who has written a syndicated weekly comic book review column for The Cleveland Plain Dealer since 1993. San Giacomo's idea of a non-hero character who was a newspaper reporter that could turn invisible struck a chord with then Marvel President Bill Jemas.

"My idea was to take the simplest, most overlooked ability in comics and show how powerful it could be in the real world," San Giacomo said.

Phantom Jack was selected for the imprint, but before it could be published, internal squabbles at Marvel resulted in Jemas' removal. His replacement had little interest in Epic. Marvel wanted to publish the first issue of Phantom Jack as part of an anthology, but San Giacomo withdrew the project and offered it to Image.

Be sure to check out www.speakeasycomics.com and for more art and information on the continuation of Phantom Jack!


Formed in 2004 by Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.


Adam Fortier started his comics career working in retail at the young age of 15. After attending University, he spent time as a programmer for Xerox, starting a multimedia company with some friends, and moving from Multimedia to computer animation. From there, he met Dreamwave Productions, where he helped the company launch Transformers as a new comics project. Early in 2003 he stopped working with Dreamwave, and started working with such diverse publishers as Devil's Due, UDON, and IDW Publishing.

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