Phantom Girl Joins Plastic Man, Mr. Terrific on New Rebirth Team

News broke yesterday that Patrick O’Brian, the elastic crook-turned-superhero who goes by the moniker Plastic Man, is about to make his big return at DC Comics. Now, more information about Plastic Man and the superpowered group he’ll be teaming up with has been revealed at the Dark Nights: Metal panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

According to the panel, Plastic Man will be part of a new series named The Terrifics that will be helmed by Teen Titans: Earth One and Old Man Logan writer Jeff Lemire. The team will be led by Mr. Terrific and rounded out by Metamorpho, Phantom Girl and, of course, Plastic Man. Each character’s costume will get a slight update themed around Mr. Terrific’s.

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News of The Terrifics series was first hinted at yesterday when convention-goers noticed one of the walls of the DC Comics booth included the four characters, tightly grouped together. While most of the characters' costumes were similar enough to be recognizable, Phantom Girl’s was different enough to leave room for doubt.

Plastic Man’s return was first teased in Dark Days: The Forge, though the character did not appear in the flesh. Instead, his presence was alluded to in the form of a large egg that bore the character’s signature red, yellow and black costume.

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Plastic Man’s new black and white costume is like that of his son’s, Offspring. While the Dark Nights: Metal panel would not go into further detail, it was hinted that the new costume might have some connection to Offspring, who enjoys the same stretch powers as his father.

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