'PG-13' GI Joe cartoon debuts online tomorrow

GI Joe: Resolute, an "adult fan oriented animated mini-series," kicks off on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim website tomorrow*. The web series is an hour long, and will run as 10 five-minute webisodes through April 25. Then the entire thing will be broadcast on Adult Swim on April 25 at midnight, which is the first place you'll be able to see the final ten minutes. After that, the whole thing will be online for viewing.

The cartoon is written by comics writer Warren Ellis, who wrote about it on his blog last July:

It went like this. Sam Register phoned me up and said, we’d really like you to write a GI JOE animation, at a PG-13 rating, aimed at an older viewer. I said, I’ve never seen a GI JOE cartoon in my life. The closest I got to a GI JOE comic was drinking with Larry Hama. I’ve never even seen a GI JOE. Couldn’t tell you what they look like if you paid me. I know nothing about GI JOE. It is meaningless in my world.

Excellent, Sam said. Just the guy we need.

The trailer is available after the jump. There's also a GI Joe: Resolute toy line (who would have thought?) that you can check out here.


* If you go to Adult Swim now, you'll see video of a Destro action figure humping a Baroness action figure. That's not GI Joe: Resolute; that's from Robot Chicken, but you can see where I had to think twice about what I was watching ...

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