PFP To Release Animated Short of Children's Book "The Loch"

Official Press Release

Houston, TX – Penny-Farthing Press (PFP) is proud to announce the upcoming release of an animated short based on their popular children's book The Loch .   The Loch was created and written by PFP's Editor-in-Chief Marlaine Maddux and illustrated by Talent Coordinator Courtney Huddleston .   The Loch is a story set in the hidden underwater world of Loch Ness and tells the tale of four friends as they embark on a traditional rite of passage called The Knowledge Journey.   Marlaine Maddux states, "Interestingly, while the story of The Loch is concerned with character growth and the wonder of discovery, it is essentially a tale rooted in understanding the power and value of community."

Penny-Farthing Press is collaborating with Sandman Studios (clients include DreamWorks SKG, Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company) and renowned animatic and storyboard artist Ryan Woodward ( Spider-Man 2 , Spider-Man 3, Iron Giant ).   PFP is delighted that Ryan Woodward has chosen The Loch to make his directorial debut. When asked about his new role as director, Ryan Woodward states, "It is very humbling to be in the Director's chair.   I am honored to have this privilege and to work with such a fine, talented crew.   I learned a lot from working with Sam Raimi on the Spider-Man films and I hope to take what I have learned from him and apply it to my role on The Loch ."

PFP is also excited to be working with such a successful creative agency like Sandman Studios.   When asked how Sandman's approach will enable The Loch to stand out from other animated looks in the industry, Stephen Sobisky, Sandman's Head of Production / VFX Supervisor and the Producer for The Loch states, "I have vast experience working on a variety of animated films.   I served as the Lighting Effects Supervisor for over four years on the film Shrek and the Modeling Producer for over two years on Antz .   Because of my extensive experience in the animation world, I know what has been done.   I will use my knowledge to highlight the unique facets of The Loch to set it apart from all other animated films."

PFP is pleased with the level of expertise and professionalism that Sandman Studios and Ryan Woodward have brought to the project.   Marlaine Maddux states, "Penny-Farthing Press and Sandman Studios, along with the director Ryan Woodward, have established a genuine rapport and dedication to the outcome of this project.   We all believe in the potential of this property and have each contributed our special strengths to its success."

The release of The Loch animated short is scheduled for early 2007.   When asked about the future of The Loch , Marlaine Maddux says, "We believe this short animated scene will show producers exactly what we can do with this story and how our characters could become memorable and beloved companions to children everywhere."

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