Pfeifer, Rocafort Relaunch "Teen Titans" in July

Scott Lobdell's volume of "Teen Titans" is slated for conclusion April 23, but DC Comics has already scheduled the series for a relaunch. Newsarama reports that a new "Teen Titans" volume with a new team roster is scheduled to launch in July at the hands of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort, while Lobdell will return to "Red Hood and the Outlaws" that same month.

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Pfeifer and Rocafort's new "Teen Titans" cast includes New 52 veterans Red Robin, Wonder Girl and Bunker -- who have been on the team since the series' first arc -- as well as more recent additions Raven and Beast Boy. While Pfeifer says that's the whole team at the start of the book, "something is in the works" to possibly expand the cast with a member of the Superman and/or the Flash family.

"The idea of an adult supervillain is dangerous because he or she has potentially devastating superpowers and knows how to use them to achieve their goals," Pfeifer told Newsarama. "They know what they can do, they know how to do it, and they know who's going to get hurt (or killed) in the process. But if you ask me, the idea of a young supervillain is even more dangerous, because kids, bless their hearts, rarely consider the consequences of their actions. It's just something you have to learn as you grow up. Trouble is, when you can blow up buildings with your mind or shoot fire from your eyes, those lessons can be deadly for anyone unlucky enough to get in the way."

The writer further revealed that the new Titans would be involved in "Futures End" and the "continued existence of the team itself is, in its own way, a reaction to the events of 'Forever Evil.'"

Pfeifer and Rocafort's "Teen Titans" launches in July.

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