Petrograd OGN

Story by
Art by
Tyler Crook
Cover by
Oni Press

Based on historical documents and research, PETROGRAD is a tense, edge-of-your seat spy thriller, taking the reader on a journey through the background of one of history's most infamous assassinations, set against the backdrop of one of the most tumultuous moments in 20th century history. Writer Phil Gelatt spend copious amounts of time researching the work and newcomer Tyler Crook put two hard years of labor into the stunning artwork. PETROGRAD hits store shelves August 3rd, 2011.

PETROGRAD by Phil Gelatt and Tyler Crook debuts August 3rd as a $29.99 two-color hardcover coming in at 274 pages. Anyone even remotely interested in the mad monk or the history of British intelligence will find this comic absolutely captivating!

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