Petition Launched for PG-13 "Deadpool" Cut

The chorus calling for an R-rated "Deadpool" film has been ringing loud for years. Even the movie's star, Ryan Reynolds, made the hard-R rating a point of pride throughout the process of bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen. On Wednesday, it was finally revealed that all those prayers had been answered and the MPAA had given the film its long-desired R rating. But in a twist that could only happen in the age of the Internet, there's now a petition to get 20th Century Fox to hastily put together a PG-13 cut of the film so young fans can see it too (via ComicBook.com).

Creator and host of the YouTube shows "Beyond The Trailer" and "Think About The Ink" Grace Randolph (who has also penned issues of "Justice League Unlimited" and "Supurbia") launched the petition in response to a letter she received from a fan named Christina. The woman's 8-year-old son apparently gave her a list of reasons why his mother should take him to see "Deadpool," including the fact that he really liked the trailer and he promised to clean his room. When Randolph received the adorable little dude's list, she figured she'd try to get Fox to make an alternate cut, just like they had with the green and red-band trailers.

Considering the fact that cutting together a trailer is a vastly different process than cutting a film, and the idea that an 8-year-old might still be too young to see a PG-13 film anyway, there hasn't been a lot of love for Randolph's idea. The YouTube video she posted announcing her campaign has (as of this writing) 2,287 down votes, ten more than the petition has signatures. And not that one should ever take stock in comment section responses, but it would appear there are many voices who disagree with Randolph's point of view. Vehemently.

Hear Randolph make her argument in the video below, and if you agree, head here to sign the petition. We'll see if it can succeed before "Deadpool" hits theaters on February 12.

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