Peter Weller to Voice Batman in Animated <i>Dark Knight Returns</i>

RoboCop star Peter Weller provide the voice of Batman in Warner Bros.' animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, the seminal 1986 miniseries by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Heat Vision reports. Ariel Winter (Modern Family) will play Robin.

First rumored about a year ago, and then officially announced in July at Comic-Con International, the direct-to-video adaptation will be released in two parts under the DC Comics Premiere Movie banner, which apparently will replaced the five-year-old DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Part 1 will debut in the fall, with Part 2 arriving in early 2013.

Weller and Winter will be joined by veteran actor David Selby (Dark Shadows), Wade Williams (Prison Break) as Two-Face/Harvey Dent, and Michael McKean as Dr. Wolper, the psychiatrist who releases the Joker from the asylum.

The films are directed by Jay Oliva, who not only storyboarded Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, but also helmed Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and several episodes of Cartoon Network's Young Justice. Oliva also has in his corner exectuive producer Bruce Timm, who has overseen most of DC's animated projects since Batman: The Animated Series.

"Dark Knight Returns is the granddaddy of beloved comics properties that we’ve ever attempted [to adapt],” Timm said. "There is definitely the imperative to get it right."

Set a decade after an aging Bruce Wayne quit crimefighting in the wake of Jason Todd’s death, The Dark Knight Returns brings Batman out of retirement to save Gotham from sinking deeper into decay and lawlessness. With the help of a new, female Robin, Carrie Kelly, the Dark Knight ends the threat of the mutant gangs that have overrun the city and confronts two of his greatest enemies. But then he must face his former ally Superman in a battle that only one will survive.

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