Tomasi Teases Super Sons' Future, Explains His Approach To Robin's Death

Adventures of the Super Sons just unleashed a huge surprise (which will amuse longtime Superman fans), and according to writer Peter J. Tomasi, the fun is just getting started in Robin and Superboy's latest adventure.

After Damian Wayne, aka Robin, tinkered with an artificial Kryptonite construct in Adventures of the Super Sons #2, the Boy Wonder turned it into Red Kryptonite the construct split Jon Kent, aka Superboy, in two. There's now a Blue and Red Superboy, each with different parts of the half-Kryptonian kid's personality. Now that Damian has to deal with two Superboys in a twist on the classic Silver Age Superman story, we had to ask Tomasi, what's next?

While talking with CBR at New York Comic Con, Tomasi promised that things are only going to get crazier, and Jon won't be feeling too great after this amusing transformation. "Let's just say there's a lot of insanity, a lot of vomiting coming up. There's nothing like some super chunks of poor Jon not feeling right in many scenes coming up."

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The new storyline also introduced a group of young alien villains called "the Gang," who are inspired by Earth's greatest villains like Lex Luthor, Joker and Deadshot. When discussing the group, Tomasi stated he still has promising material for the young antagonists, especially its mini marksman. "The Gang is going to have some really nice moments with Rex Luthor leading them. We're going to see some really cool stuff with Kid Deadshot and all that kind of thing."

Writing is only half the battle, though. Tomasi was quick to praise artist Carlo Barberi, and credited him with bringing the script to life with the perfect kind of energy. "It's very kinetic," Tomasi said of his creative partner's work. "He's great. He brings a real youthful energy to the pencils, and it's been a real pleasure to work with him."

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Tomasi's resume with DC is vast, but two of his recent works - The New 52's Batman and Robin, and DC Rebirth's Superman - frequently focused on the father-son dynamic between Bruce Wayne and Damian, and Clark Kent and Jon. Tomasi was able to organically give readers an emotional connection to those relationships, a strength he says comes from fully embracing those feelings and not rushing the big moments. "I think it comes from not being afraid to open up your own heart and let that emotional vein be your own, to not be afraid to let it come on the page and not shy away from personal stuff, or not shy away from really letting that dynamic be something truthful and not kind of glaze over it."

Tomasi further elaborated on embracing the emotion behind these characters, looking specifically to the aftermath of Damian's death in the New 52, which was criticized by some for being addressed over several issues. "When you go to Batman and Robin, everybody was like, 'Why are you going to keep doing so many stories after he died?' It's like, it's his [Bruce Wayne's] son! We're not just going to just wrap this up in one issue." The wanted Damian's death and resurrection to have an impact and not simply move on to the next thing in Batman's life.

"It's gotta feel like something, so we want it to last awhile," he explained. "That journey to get Damian back, I mean we wanted it to be sort of almost like The Death of Superman movie, too. We wanted it to feel like it was a real journey, like it wasn't something that came easy."

The next new issue, Adventures of the Super Sons #4, is scheduled to go on sale Nov. 17.

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