Peter Tomasi Reveals Batman's Post-"Robin Rises" Partner

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the "Robin Rises" storyline currently running in DC Comics' "Batman and Robin" ongoing.

Last month, DC Comics' solicitations made a point of not spoiling the finale of the publisher's long-running "Robin Rises" storyline, with the copy for December's "Batman and Robin" #37 and "Robin Rises: Alpha" both hiding the identity of the Dark Knight's new partner.

DC's January 2015 solicitations are scheduled to be released online later today, and it looks like the publisher has taken a different approach. "Batman and Robin" series writer a Peter J. Tomasi tweeted earlier today that the solicitations would include "some big info" related to Robin, and that he wanted to break the news in advance of DC. Subsequently, the writer shared Patrick Gleason's cover to "Batman and Robin" #38, which certainly appears to show Damian Wayne -- who was killed off in 2013's "Batman Incorporated" #8 -- not only alive, but back in the Robin role and apparently now bulletproof.

Barring any further storyline twists, this seems to reveal the outcome of the current "Robin Rises" story arc, which has seen Batman attempt to retrieve his son's corpse, first from Ra's al Ghul and later from Glorious Godfrey, who took Damian's body to Apokolips.

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