Peter Tomasi promoted to Senior Editor at DC

Official Press Release

Peter Tomasi, editor of DC Universe titles including JSA, HAWKMAN, AQUAMAN, JSA: ALL-STARS, H-E-R-O and DR. FATE, has been promoted to Senior Editor.

"Along with editing such revitalized projects as JSA, AQUAMAN and HAWKMAN, Peter has also made it his priority to work with a number of noted non-comics authors on upcoming projects," says Dan DiDio, VP - Editorial. "He's also busily developing a number of large-scale projects for next year."

"This is very exciting," says Tomasi. "I'm looking forward to helping guide the monthly JSA series to new heights as one of the tentpoles of the DC Universe, along with core heroes like Hawkman and Aquaman and the upcoming monthly FIRESTORM series."

Tomasi joined DC Comics in 1993 as an assistant editor. Since that time, he has been an instrumental part of such series as KINGDOM COME, HITMAN, SPECTRE, and many others. Before coming to DC, Tomasi worked in film and video production.

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