10 Other Heroes Peter Parker Became When He Couldn't Be Spider-Man

Peter Parker has been a dedicated hero for years. His role as Spider-Man may have been full of challenges, but in many ways, the hero life did come naturally to him. And even when Peter Parker couldn't be the hero he loved (Spider-Man) he usually found a way to keep on saving people.

Sometimes Peter would save people via more mundane means, but usually, he'd become a new and different hero, carrying a new mantle while he did what he does best. And thus his life as a hero continued on, even when times were at their worst.

Here are 10 of his alternative identities.

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10 Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider costume header

As if the number of Spider characters out there wasn't complex enough, did you know that for a short stint Peter Parker ran as the Scarlet Spider? And when we say short, we really do mean it. Peter only resorted to being the Scarlet Spider because all of his Spider-Man suits had been ruined (an impressive enough feat in and of itself).

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Once his suit was replaced, Peter was able to pick up the mantle we all know and love so well. But for a time, he was somebody else.

9 The Incredible Hulk

Thanks to the fact that Marvel has an infinite amount of universes, some Peter Parkers stepped up to be a hero under a completely different name – though this is less common than you might expect. In the series Bullet Points, Peter Parker became the one and only, Hulk.

Yes, it may be hard to picture these two heroes blended together, but that is exactly what happened in this series. Like the origin we're used to, Peter Parker was accidentally exposed to the radiation that made him what he is – though obviously everything else about his situation was quite different.

8 Arachknight

During the Infinity Wars events, we were shown a dozen different variations on blended characters. One of the characters we saw combined was none other than Peter Parker. He and Moon Knight were combined to make one hero (with three personalities).

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The Arachknight was a shockingly stable and interesting character, all things considered. And to many, he's the favorite from this Infinity Warps event.

7 Captain America

Marvel 2-in-One is another miniseries to come from Marvel, this time combining Peter with yet another hero. Unfortunately, the combination is significantly less...stable.

Actually, you could easily argue that this version of Spider-Man and Captain America is quite cruel and evil. Though we still felt he was worth mentioning in the list.

Considering the world that this new character grew up in, he almost makes sense. Not that we're feeling any sympathy for it. Frankly, it's simply shocking to see two of the most hopeful and passionate characters turned into something so warped.

6 Captain Universe

While we're talking about alternate universe Peter Parkers, one of the most dramatic titles he picked up was Captain Universe. This version of Peter Parker came about during one of the most famous Spider-Man events – Spider-Verse. Here he and many other spider-named heroes were forced to go up against an enemy called the Inheritors.

Captain Universe is Peter Parker when infused with the Enigma Force – and it's a force that ended up changing the tide of the war. As per usual, Peter managed to have a tragic life while making a dramatic impact on those around him.

5 Bombastic Bag-Man

Bombastic Bag-Man is a costume that you might have trouble taking seriously, and we honestly can't blame you there. The Bombastic Bag-Man is actually an entirely different hero suit all together...just with a bag on the face.

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Once again Peter found himself separated from his suit, and desperate for a way to join the battle without giving his identity away. So his old pal Johnny Storm stepped in to help, loaning Peter an old suit of his. Though they opted to add a paper bag to the mix, for obvious reasons.

4 Hornet

During a plot called the Identity Crisis, Peter Parker became unable to carry on the mantle he's so fond of. So instead, he created four new heroes that he could save the day with. The first of these heroes was known as Hornet.

Actually, saying Peter created this costume would be false. Mary Jane Watson-Parker actually created the suit. Peter was only able to use this mantle for a few days – during which time the Hornet became fairly popular. It was only when the Vulture figured out the truth and revealed who he was that he gave it up.

3 Prodigy

Prodigy is the second hero identity Peter Parker came up with during Identity Crisis. Prodigy quite possibly had the largest weight to carry, based on what Peter Parker wanted the suit (and the hero underneath) to represent. He wanted the suit to represent everything good about being a hero, as well as the true American spirit.

Like Hornet, Peter Parker didn't end up running in the suit for very long. But it has left a lasting impact with many fans.

2 Dusk

The third costume Peter came up with for the Identity Crisis plotline was Dusk. If we're being technical, Peter wasn't technically acting as a hero when donning the Dusk suit. His goal was to blend into the world of mercenaries with this suit – something he did fairly well.

Using this suit Peter was able to track down the people responsible for framing him for murder – the whole reason he was forced into finding new identities to begin with. Once Peter's name was cleared, he left the mantle behind.

1 Ricochet

The last costume that Peter Parker designed during the Identity Crisis was known as Ricochet.

Ricochet was quite possibly the most similar to Spider-Man in many aspects. He continued with the light-hearted quips and banter, just like our beloved hero.

Ricochet was a quick and agile character, though unlike the Spider-Man mantle, he posed as a criminal rather than appearing as the hero we know him to be. Like the other three suits donned during the Identity Crisis, Peter abandoned it once his name was cleared.

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