Peter Milligan Joins "Stormwatch"

In continuing changes to its New 52 creative lineup, DC Comics announced Peter Milligan will be taking over writing duties on "Stormwatch." Via its blog, The Source, the publisher revealed Milligan will be moving from his current position as writer of "Justice League Dark" to "Stormwatch" beginning with issue #9 and will remain on "Red Lanterns" and "Hellblazer."

"'Stormwatch' has the craziness, the paranoia and the occasional bursts of odd humor that really grab me," Milligan told The Source. "This is my kind of book. In other words, when I re-read Paul Cornell's excellent first series with a view to taking over the writing duties I was really excited. And I'm excited too by what I have planned, from Stormwatch facing a ferocious character from the Red Lantern Corps, to hidden secrets being revealed about the origin of Stormwatch, and some shocking revelations about the mysterious Shadow Lords. It's going to be a very intense ride. It's a bit of a wrench leaving 'Justice League Dark,' of course, and not working with the increasingly outstanding Mikel Janin. But the fact that Jeff Lemire is taking over makes me very sanguine. I think Jeff is great. And I think he'll be great for this book. It'll be intriguing to see how he handles the great conman mage, John Constantine, whose twisted life I'm continuing to chronicle over in Vertigo's 'Hellblazer.'"

The news follows DC's announcement that Jeff Lemire would be taking over "Justice League Dark" and Matt Kindt will be writing "Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E." beginning with issue #10 in June. "Stormwatch" has had its fair share of creative restructuring since the series New 52 debut, with writer Paul Jenkins replacing Paul Cornell following his departure after issue #6. The creative restructuring comes in anticipation of the New 52's "Second Wave" coming in May.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on the creative change-up of the New 52.

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