Peter Milligan + Batman = Comics You Should Own

My latest Comics You Should Own column looks at the brief and strange run by Peter Milligan as the "regular" writer of Detective Comics. By "regular," of course, I mean that he wrote a few issues, took some time off, wrote a crossover with Batman that I don't think is that worthy, and finally decided he couldn't be the regular writer. But his few issues are really excellent comics, unlike almost anything we've seen from the Caped Crusader. I wrote about his three-part "Dark Knight, Dark City" story from Batman a while ago, but these stories are better. Milligan always has had a problem with endings, so it's a good thing these issues are one-and-done or in two parts. Go check out the column, if you feel like it. Seven issues of Bat-weirdness! "The Hungry Grass!" "Identity Crisis!" "Library of Souls!" And much, much more!

Since this is the first time I have directed you to one of my columns at our swanky new digs, I thought I'd list the other Comics You Should Own (according to me, of course - your opinions may vary). Someone (sorry, I can't remember who) wondered why Animal Man wasn't on the list. Of course, it is, just not with PCS. So an accounting is in order - from my blog way back when I started these, from Comics Should Be Good back when we weren't big sell-outs, and at PCS. Enjoy!

300. Frank Miller tells the tale of the Spartans at Thermopylae.

1963. Alan Moore wallows in nostalgia, but it's still brilliant!

Alias. Bendis at the top of his game.

Amazing Spider-Man #229-230. Spidey battles the Juggernaut!

Amazing Spider-Man #238-251. The first Hobgoblin story. Back when he was cool.

Animal Man. Not only Morrison's take, but Milligan's weird six-issue story that came after.

Arrowsmith. Busiek and Pacheco and alternate history and magic!

Atlantis Chronicles. Peter David tells the history of the sunken city.

Aquaman #0-25. Peter David's issues. Some people disagreed. They are wrong.

The Authority #22-29. Mark Millar destroys the team, and Tom Peyer creates a new one!

Automatic Kafka. Lots o' strangeness from Casey and Wood!

Avengers Annual #10. The first appearance of Rogue. 'Nuff said.

Avengers Forever. Busiek and Pacheco somehow reconcile all of Avengers history.

Aztek the Ultimate Man. Morrison and Millar and a very weird superhero.

Batman #452-454. "Dark Knight, Dark City." The Riddler goes freaky.

Batman #515-552. Doug Moench and Kelley Jones. Cronin thinks they're pretentious, and they are, but they had a good reason - these are good comics.

Big Numbers. Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz's unfinished masterpiece.

Camelot 3000. Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland bring us King Arthur in the future!

Challengers of the Unknown. Jeph Loeb and Time Sale for the first (and best) time.

ClanDestine. Alan Davis writes and draws a doomed series.

The Crow. Back in print! Buy it now if you don't have it!

Daredevil #283-300. Nocenti and then Chichester writing, with very nice Lee Weeks pencils.

Daredevil #26-50; 56-81. The Bendis/Maleev era.

Defenders #46-50. Who remembers Scorpio?

Detective #471-476. Englehart/Rogers/Austin. Brilliant even after 30 years.

Detective #569-574. Barr and Davis. Beautiful to look at, nice Silver Age feel without being too goofy.

Detective #583-594; 601-614. Alan Grant, John Wagner, Norm Breyfogle. Excellent short stories, lots of new and cool villains.

Anyway, thanks to all for reading. I love doing these, because it's fun to revisit old comics and turn people on to things they might not know about.

Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo Spawn #301 Covers, Revealed

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