Peter David wouldn't mind a shot at a <i>Hulk Forever</i> series

Marvel has published X-Men Forever, X-Factor Forever and New Mutants Forever, series that allow writers Chris Claremont and Louise Simonson to pick up where they left their classic runs years earlier. So why not Hulk Forever, continuing Peter David's award-winning, 12-year stint on The Incredible Hulk?

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, David said he'd love to work on Spider-Man, Wolverine or the Hulk -- or even Hulk Forever. However, he concedes, "I don't know if the fan support for such a title would be there."

David's landmark run lasted from 1987 to 1998, during which time the writer explored Bruce Banner's dissociative identity disorder, introduced the gray Hulk's "Joe Fixit" alias as well the "new" Hulk that merged all his personalities, and killed Betty Ross. David left the title following a storyline disagreement with Marvel editors -- they reportedly wanted Betty's death to lead to the re-emergence of the Savage Hulk persona -- and returned only briefly in 2005.

With Guillermo del Toro and David Eick reportedly sprearheading the Hulk's return to live-action television, it might be an ideal time for Marvel to revisit one of the character's defining eras.

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