Peter David Reveals "All-New X-Factor" Canceled With Issue #20

Following an initial report by the website Bleeding Cool that stated "All-New X-Factor" would end with issue #19, series writer Peter David clarified on his personal blog that the series would end one issue later.

"This isn't a secret because I announced it back at Dragon*Con, but Bleeding Cool seems compelled to announce it incorrectly by stating that X-Factor is cancelled with #19," wrote David. "Which is not true. It's cancelled with #20."

David also said that the cancellation has nothing to do with Quicksilver leaving the book to return to "Avengers."

"No, [the comic is being canceled] because not enough people are buying it," he wrote. "Which is exactly the reason they cancelled 'Gambit' as well, so it'll probably be a long time before he gets to star in another book.

"All I did was write a book that got tons of positive write-ups," he continued. "Which I guess is enough to encourage people to buy it when it comes out in trades, oblivious to the fact that books get cancelled when you do that."

CBR News has reached out to Marvel for comment on the series' cancellation.

"All-New X-Factor" debuted in March 2014 and focused on the aforementioned Gambit and Quicksilver, as well as Polaris, Danger, Cypher and Warlock as they became a corporate-sponsored superhero team. Through renumbering and relaunches, David has been writing an "X-Factor" series since late 2005. A fan campaign called #SaveANXF has been launched in reaction to this news.

The latest issues of "All-New X-Factor" to be solicited are December's issues #17 and #18.

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