Peter David Pens New Ongoing Spidey Title

Writer Peter David has announced on his blog that he's stepped in to the writing chair on the previously announced title "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" with Mike Wieringo. The title was originally to be written by Mark Waid.

"When 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,' the new Spidey series coming from Marvel late this summer, hits the stands, it will be launching with a different creative team than previously announced: Mike Wieringo as artist, and yours truly as writer," David posted on his blog..

"I'm really excited about this, since it's been years since I've written on ongoing Spidey title and fans have been asking when, or if, I'll ever have the opportunity again," continued David. "I'm pleased to be working with Ringo, whose art I've very much enjoyed, and am grateful to editor Tom Brevoort for offering me the assignment (and Joe Q, naturally, for giving the final OK). Spidey was my very first comic work for Marvel, and it's great to be back."

When contacted for comment, Waid told our friends at Newsarama that his reasons for leaving the title basically came down to life getting in the way. "Due to a huge confluence of circumstances beyond my control, both personal and professional, it's with enormous reluctance that I've had to pull out of the upcoming Wieringo/Kesel Spidey book as writer," Waid told Newsarama. Waid went on to say that this split wasn't due to any hard feelings in any way between the publisher and the writer.

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