Peter David & IDW's "Fallen Angel" benefit CBLDF at Wizard World Texas

Official Press Release

IDW Publishing and Peter David have teamed up to create exclusiveFallen Angel premiums that will benefit the CBLDF at this weekend'sWizard World Texas!

"As a long time board member, we've always been able to count on Peterto help us in fundraising, but he and the guys at IDW have reallyoutdone themselves this time," says CBLDF Executive Director CharlesBrownstein.

Topping off the list of premiums is an exclusive CBLDF preview editionof Fallen Angel #1. This preview runs the entire first issue weeksbefore it hits the stands and is strictly limited to 100 signed andnumbered copies. In addition to the preview comic, IDW has created aspecial Fallen Angel signature print and a limited edition run of theoriginal script to Fallen Angel #1.

Series creator Peter David says, "I felt that 'Fallen Angel,' due toits mature content and style, is the type of material that those whosupport the CBLDF would really be able to appreciate. And since bothCharles and I were going to be at the Wizard Con, it seemed theperfect opportunity to both give the book exposure to the targetaudience while aiding the CBLDF in its fundraising endeavors."

IDW President Robbie Robbins adds, "IDW strongly supports the CBLDFand I'm glad we were able to help out."

"We're thrilled by the generosity IDW has shown us with these specialpremiums," Brownstein says. "As we prepare for the hearings on ourcurrent case in Georgia at the start of December and the trial tofollow, the Fund is going to need to raise as much money as possible. We're pleased to have partners like Peter, Ted, Robbie, and Chrishelping us do that."

These premiums will be available in exchange for donations to theCBLDF throughout Wizard World Texas, happening this weekend at theArlington Convention Center. For more information about Wizard World,please visit http://www.wizardconventions.com. For more informationabout IDW, please visit http://www.idwpublishing.com. For moreinformation about Peter David, please visit http://www.peterdavid.net. More information about the Fund and its current case work can befound at http://www.cbldf.org.

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