Peter David Continues on "Hulk," "Fallen Angel" In Danger Of Cancellation

Sunday afternoon, writer Peter David was the weekly guest over on Fanboy Radio and he divulged a few interesting tidbits that we thought we'd pass on to you.

To start with, David revealed he'll continue to write "Incredible Hulk" for at least the rest of the year. He also said he's got some other work upcoming at Marvel. First he mentioned a four-part "Abomination" mini-series and also mentioned that he'd be writing another Marvel series. A title will be given once an artist has been landed.

With regards to his DC Comics work, David had some disappointing news for "Fallen Angel" fans. The writer revealed the book is still in danger of cancellation and fans and retailers who're interested in the book need to take action. David added that the March shipping issue #19 is a good starting point for new readers. Back in September of 2004, DC took the unusual step of reprinting issue #1 of "Fallen Angel" and shipping it free to retailers. The free copies were equal to half of retailer's initial orders on "Hellblazer" #200.

For more on "Fallen Angel," "Hulk" and "Madrox," check out CBR's interview with David from October 22nd.

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