Peter Berg Wants to Reunite With Dwayne Johnson For 'Rundown 2'

Peter Berg wants to re-team with Dwayne Johnson for a sequel to The Rundown.

While talking to Collider about his next movie Lone Survivor, the director fielded a few questions about his 2003 film with Johnson, then mostly known as The Rock, and spilled a few details about a possible sequel.

"We just met with writers, so we’re trying to do it," Berg said. "I really want to do it. I’ve talked to Dwayne. I have an actor in mind that I can’t say that I want to work with Dwayne on it, and we want to do it."

The Rundown found Johnson's character heading to the Amazon to get his boss's son, played by Seann William Scott, and bring him back home. While there he joined with Rosario Dawson's freedom fighter, fought Ernie Reyes Jr. and ran afoul of mine owner Christopher Walken. However, Scott is intent on finding a legendary treasure that stretches out the operation leading to a showdown with Walken and his thugs. Since Berg mentioned another star, it stands to reason that Scott will not feature prominently in the potential sequel.

The film isn't officially in the works, but because Berg is talking to writers, it seems to have some interest behind it.

Berg is attached to direct American Desperado star Mark Wahlberg next, and Johnson is always busy, but it doesn't seem beyond reason for the two to get back together in the next few years to make this movie happen. Lone Survivor opens on Jan. 10, 2014.

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