Peter Berg, Taylor Kitsch Reunite For Navy SEAL Story <i>Lone Survivor</i>

Peter Berg recently finished the bulk of his work on the adaptation of the Parker Bros. board game Battleship, which has somehow transformed into an alien-invasion story for its big-screen voyage. Deadline reports he'll next turn to a more grounded theater of war with the story of a Navy SEAL team sent to kill a ranking al Qaeda leader ... but not the one you might be thinking of. The report also confirms the director will reunite with his Battleship star Taylor Kitsch for this movie.

Berg will adapt Marcus Luttrell's autobiographical account Lone Survivor, which runs through the details of a 2005 mission in Afghanistan in which four SEALs were dispatched to take out an al Qaeda leader hiding out in a nearby Taliban stronghold. The mission was over less than 24 hours later, and only Luttrell, the team's leader, survived. It gets even crazier, too: Over the four days that followed, the badly injured Luttrell fought off six al Qaeda assassins and eventually crawled seven miles through the mountains, back into friendly territory.

If there's a more gripping "based on truth" story that also promises to strike a balance between blockbuster action and deep character development, I can't think of it. Just reading the rough synopsis of Luttrell's experience makes me want to immediately read the book, not to mention see what Berg does with it in a movie.

The director told Deadline that Osama bin Laden's recent death "cleared the way for this," and that it will be an "unapologetically patriotic film." That's totally fine. Berg does well with modern warfare. Just look at The Kingdom. I'll be excited to see what he does with this story.

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