Peter Bagge's Bradleys are heading for FOX

Could Buddy Bradley be the next Bart Simpson? That's the tantalizing possibility presented by Fantagraphics' Eric Reynolds today, as he revealed that writer/artist Peter Bagge has signed a deal with the FOX network to produce a pilot for a potential prime-time animated series based on the Bradleys, the less-than-functional family at the heart of Bagge's series Neat Stuff and Hate. The show would reportedly focus on Buddy's teen years at home.

This caps off a rather high-profile few months for Bagge (ahem, Professor Bagge) , a period that has seen the release of his political-strip collection Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me from Fantagraphics and his long-suppressed Incorrigible Hulk story in Marvel's Strange Tales anthology. No word yet on whether he plans to have Mrs. Bradley pose for Playboy.

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