<i>Perhapanauts</i> creators looking for stories starring their characters

Perhapanauts creators Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau have kicked off a new webcomics feature on the Perhapanauts website. Kicking off today is a new "What if?" style story, titled "Saints & Sinners," featuring characters from the book by Rich Woodall and Jason Copland. And they're looking for more stories in a similar vein.

Dezago posted earlier this week that "Tales from the Perhaps" will feature "alternate reality versions of our characters, not the characters themselves. por exemplo; put them in different time periods, different worlds, different story genres. a western, a horror movie, a space opera."

In addition, they also plan to a series of webcomics called "Strange Tales of the Perhaps," which he said are "a lot looser and wackier. the sky's the limit and the weirder, the better! these are our versions of the bizarro comics and the strange tales stories."

You can find the complete submission guidelines on the site.

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