'Percy Jackson' director draws comics about film, Nathan Fillion

In an era of overwrought "viral" websites, trailers that preview trailers and never-ending waves of posters and behind-the-scenes videos, it's refreshing to see a filmmaker turn to cartooning to give a project a last-minute push.

Entertainment Weekly has director Thor Freudenthal's endearing comics inspired by the production of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (arriving in theaters today), from the challenges of acting in an effects-heavy film to the casting of fan-favorite Nathan Fillion to tips for finishing the film. Note that he makes sure the release date at the end of each one.

Considering his background as a storyboard and conceptual artist, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Freudenthal is a decent cartoonist. But who knew he was a Firefly fan? See one of the installments below, and the rest at EW.

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