Ultimate Hulk Annual #1 by Jeph Loeb, Marko Djurdjevic and Ed McGuinness, is about a girl's trifecta of a good time: a boisterous brawl, puffy pancakes and crazy coitus to top it all off. Although Zarda, a.k.a. Power Princess, is a Marvel creation, she is essentially Marvel's version of Wonder

Woman, but with a lot more attitude.

Zarda resents the societal constraints of the Ultimate world, which makes her really cranky. When a pants-less Hulk ruins her breakfast, she takes him to task. After destroying him, she gets him some pants and pancakes, in that order. Then she realizes that playing with the Hulk was more fun than she's had in a long time, so she extends their playdate. The two of them get a motel room and then get busy.

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