25 People More Dangerous With Mjolnir Than Thor

Mjolnir, along with Thor himself, is one of Odin's greatest creations. Forged with Uru metal and containing a mythical storm of untold power, this hammer allows Thor to protect Midgard and the other eight realms. In order to lift this hammer and its immense power, a person must be deemed worthy. An individual can fit the criteria of worthy in a number of ways, be it with the strength of their character or simply through cosmic necessity. Mjolnir has felled countless foes over its lifespan, from supervillains to Gods and even the caretakers of the universe it resides in. Whether the hammer is caving in faces, calling down thunder or helping the wielder fly, Mjolnir is a versatile and reliable weapon for the worthy. The hammer can even return to its user when beckoned.

Apart from Odinson himself, a select few in the Marvel Universe have held the hammer aloft. Other Asgardians, members of alien races, fellow Avengers and even a villain or two claimed the might of Mjolnir for themselves. In one or two cases the weapon has been utilized by members of the DC universe! That's not all, however, there are some figures in the Marvel Universe who have been able to use Mjolnir to devastating effect without being worthy. Whether you're swinging the hammer or manipulating circumstances surrounding it, Mjolnir is an incredible weapon. Let's take a gander at some individuals who could be more dangerous with Mjolnir than the Odinson!

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers can shift Thor's hammer a little where others cannot get it to budge at all. This is likely a reference to the fact that Steve is worthy in the comics. This is due to his nobility and his commitment to good which in turn draws people to him.

During the events of Fear Itself, when his shield is broken and the final battle ensues, Steve lifts the hammer to rally the heroes against the forces of The Serpent and his army. The hammer had fallen from the fight above between Thor and The Serpent. Cap's tactical acumen coupled with the power of Thor is something no villain wants to deal with.


At one time back in 1997, Deadpool was deemed worthy enough to lift an Asgardian hammer. Granted, it was a replica of Mjolnir and the person who deemed him worthy was the God of mischief himself, Loki.

Giving someone as chaotic as Deadpool the power of an Asgardian weapon is not wise, but Loki does exist to sew discord. Though it didn't last long, the danger was very real and present for a spell. The Merc with a mouth became the merc with a mallet!


In one of Marvel's What If...? stories, Thor and all of the heroes with superhuman abilities have perished. This leaves only regular heroes like Black Widow, with their finely tuned skills as the only superheroes left. They're set upon by frost giants and to turn the tide Natasha is sent to retrieve a now owner-less Mjolnir.

Nat finds she can pick up the hammer, deeming her worthy of its power. Now imagine Black Widow's remarkable skills for espionage bolstered by Thor's hammer. The last thing you want sneaking up on you is a slab of Uru metal with a storm inside!


Loki Wielding Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir

As we've seen in the past, Loki can create replicas of Mjolnir and has done so for individuals like Deadpool. These faux hammers aren't as powerful as the real thing, so this is likely why he doesn't use one himself. However, the God of Mischief was able to lift the actual Mjolnir when heroes and villains were inverted during the AXIS arc.

Thor became a villain and Loki became a hero, allowing him to experience the power his brother has enjoyed all these years. If he had still been evil, the destruction Loki could cause with Mjolnir would have been scary and chaotic.


Superman Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

When DC and Marvel got together for their historic crossover event, Clark Kent was found worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Supes wielding the hammer is an odd one, as rather than his worthiness being permanent it appeared to be circumstantial.

The last son of Krypton wielded both Mjolnir and Cap's shield during the event. Although after using the hammer, when attempting to pick it up again to return it to Thor, Clark found he could no longer lift it. Superman is incredibly powerful already, adding Mjolnir to his power set was the cataclysmic cherry on a cake made of raw power.


In the Ultimate Universe, Valkyrie and Thor were lovers. When Magneto devastated New York and had designs on more evil, he had obtained Thor's hammer. Thor, however, was deceased, trapped in Hela's dimension at the time.

It fell to Valkyrie to retrieve the hammer and she did so violently. Cutting off Magneto's arm as it held the hammer aloft, she reclaimed Mjolnir and became the new God of Thunder for a time. Her prowess as a warrior allowed her to wield the hammer to devastating effect.


Hulk and Thor have a longstanding rivalry, one trying to out-power the other whenever they can. Banner hasn't tried to lift the hammer himself, likely wanting to prove he has all the power he needs already. Although, Hulk did wield an Asgardian hammer that was not Mjolnir in Fear Itself.

However, in one instance Hulk didn't so much wield Mjolnir but rather wielded Thor holding the hammer. He swung the unconscious God around, allowing him to use Mjolnir by extension. A very creative and startling way to make himself even more dangerous.


Rogue mjolnir

In another What If...? story, the young mutant known as Rogue has the privilege of Mjolnir's might. She begins the story in her original appearance as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, attacking the Avengers.

She manages to absorb some of Thor's power and apparently his worthiness too. The surge in power as she claims the hammer takes the life of the Avengers and Loki arrives to turn her immense power on Odin. Rogue is later visited by Thor's ghost, who convinces her to follow a more righteous path.


Ultimate Magneto is a special case on this list, as he himself managed to wield the hammer without being worthy at all. Rather than lift the hammer himself, he was able to manipulate the magnetism in the air around the hammer.

During this time, Magneto's fanaticism made him extremely dangerous to begin with and having Thor's hammer was part of cementing his supremacy. Thankfully, Valkyrie would take the hammer back by force, sparing the Ultimate Universe from further destruction at Magneto's whim.


During a crossover event in the '90s where DC and Marvel characters were pitted against one another, Thor dropped his hammer following a battle with Shazam. Wonder Woman picked up the hammer, proving to be worthy and it instilled her with even more power and even more nobility.

Her opponent for the event was Storm, knowing that she could easily dispatch the mutant with the hammer, she relinquished its power so that the two women would be on a more even playing field. If She'd have kept Mjolnir, she probably would have pulverized Storm.


Like Deadpool, Storm had a replica hammer created for her by Loki. Figuring out Loki's sinister intentions, she opted to draw out Mjolnir in a battle with Thor so she could take the hammer and use it to destroy her own, breaking Loki's hold over her.

Showing great character in being able to give up the immense power twice, Storm proved herself worthy of holding not one but two Asgardian hammers. Her ability to pass on the power mirrors Wonder Woman's decision prior to their battle in the '90s.


In the same way Magneto creatively wielded Mjolnir in the Ultimate Universe, back in 616 Red Hulk showed his own creativity. During a rampage through several powerful figures, Red Hulk encountered Thor. During the fight, he managed to piggyback on the flying hammer to take the flight upwards and out of the atmosphere.

Once in space, the big red angry guy was able to swing the now weightless Mjolnir and turn it against the Odinson. This proved a smart way to find a loophole in the enchantment and was a big shock to the God of Thunder.


Beta Ray Bill is a favorite for Thor fans, first appearing as a member of a race in peril. He was deemed worthy due to his dedication to protecting others and these heroics were only bolstered with an Asgardian hammer.

Bill even defeated Thor (as if he needed to prove himself any more worthy than he already was!) He was later granted his own hammer called Stormbreaker, given to him by Odin himself. Popping up across the universe to defeat incredibly powerful foes, Bill is extremely adept in the wielding of a hammer.


The Silver Surfer is no stranger to unique items that bond themselves to the user, he has a similar relationship with his board. He's also no stranger to immense power, utilizing the power cosmic in his heroics.

In the events of "Thanos Wins" the Surfer is the final challenger for the victorious King Thanos. He returns after a long absence, holding Mjolnir. He states the reason for his absence is that he was off proving himself worthy of the mythical weapon. He easily dispatches Cosmic Ghost Rider with it, smashing his skull to pieces.


Thor Ragnarok Hela Mjolnir

A few Asgardians other than Thor have shown the ability to lift the hammer. Whether this is because they are worthy or simply incredibly powerful remains to be seen. Hela from the Marvel Cinematic Universe can hold the hammer, regardless.

The sister to the brothers Thor and Loki, this villain appears to be far more proactive than her comic counterpart. When Thor throws Mjolnir at her she simply catches the weapon and shatters it to pieces. Had she not destroyed it, there's no doubt she could have wielded it to devastating effect.


Jane Foster Mjolnir

Jane Foster was the Goddess of Thunder for a while. Lifting Mjolnir after the Odinson became unworthy following the events of Original Sin, Jane proved to be a credit to the hammer's legacy. She did this all while battling cancer.

Though she raised the ire of Odin, she was defiant in her continued role as Thor against his wishes. She was even able to defeat Mangog, a seemingly unstoppable foe who decimated Asgard in his campaign to destroy Odin. This act almost claimed her life, however.


One of the more amusing instances of another character wielding the hammer, the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of the Vision proved to be worthy. Without any great ceremony, Vision simply picked up Mjolnir and handed it to Thor.

This may be down to the fact that Vision is powered by an extremely powerful Infinity Stone. Or, it may be that his manipulation of weight and density is far more complex in the MCU, allowing him to counteract the weight of the hammer.


Odin Mjolnir

It stands to reason that because Odin created Mjolnir, he should be able to lift it, right? This is not always the case! Though he has wielded the hammer, having to confiscate it from Thor a few times over the years, the hammer sometimes deems Odin unworthy.

After Original Sin, when the hammer sat on the moon after falling from Odinson's then unworthy hand, the hammer couldn't be moved. Not even Odin could lift it, only Jane Foster could. If Odin wielded the hammer when he could lift it, it would compliment the Odinforce nicely.


Conan the Barbarian once held the hammer during a What If...? story which saw the two heroes crossover. Thor was transported back in time and his memory erased, as he had nowhere to go, he joined Conan. Conan's arch nemesis Thoth-Amon heard about Mjolnir and sought to possess its awesome power.

The resulting battle saw him defeated, but the effort wounded Thor mortally. In his final act, he passed the hammer on to Conan. Though the hammer has magical properties, Conan accepted the honor. Unfortunately, this story did not get a follow-up but the barbarian is presumed to use it to great effect.


7 throg

Once a human turned into a frog, Puddlegulp is possibly the smallest of those worthy of Mjolnir. He serves as a protector for animals and has fought alongside Thor on several occasions. His official title is The Frog of Thunder and he's a member of the Pet Avengers.

He found he was worthy when he managed to lift a piece of Mjolnir that had broken off from the weapon. Upon lifting the fragment, he was imbued with the power of Mjolnir and found he could call down lightning.


war thor volstagg

Senator of the Congress of Worlds, Volstagg is yet another Asgardian who has tasted the power of Mjolnir. A staple member of the Warriors Three, Volstagg did not wield the Mjolnir of the 616 universe, but rather that of the Ultimate universe.

The weapon was found after the incursions culminated in Secret Wars. This Mjolnir turned Volstagg into War Thor, a devastatingly powerful being who was noticeably more aggressive than the regular, jolly Volstagg. The change brought him into conflict with Thor proper.


awesome android mjolnir

Originally, Awesome Android was able to mimic the powers of those it encountered. When the being's creator, The Mad Thinker, upgraded this ability so that the android could mimic personality traits, things got interesting. By mimicking Thor's personality traits, the android made itself worthy of Mjolnir.

The magic of the hammer coupled with the new frontier of personality within the android, sparked life within it. From that point on the android became a person, under the alias of Awesome Andy. He used his newfound life to denounce the Mad Thinker and help put criminals away through the justice system, working as a legal assistant.


Eric Masterson as Thor

A friend to Thor after earning his respect, regular construction worker Eric Masterson would prove worthy. During one of Thor's battles, Eric was caught in the crossfire and his life hung in the balance. To save the young man, Odin merged his consciousness with Thor's.

Eric became the public face of Thor, serving as his surrogate civilian identity for a time. He would learn to wield Mjolnir in that time and when the two were split again, Odin provided him with a mace called Thunderstrike.



Originally created by the pro-registration faction in the Civil War, this robot clone of Thor complete with a faux Mjolnir had a rough debut. Not acting as anticipated, the being ended the life of Bill Foster during one of the battles during the event. Stark and Pym attempted to resolve the problems but ultimately Ragnarok was benched after Hercules tore him apart.

He was brought back into action by Norman Osborn during Dark Reign for a time and eventually found himself in an alternate dimension during one of his adventures. In the universe he ended up in, he found he could lift the Mjolnir of this new dimension.


The father of the All-Father Odin, Bor's power is such that wielding the hammer is very easy for him. Resurrected by Lady Loki and manipulated into seeing Midgard as his enemy, Bor set about trying to purge planet Earth of demons.

Thor stepped in to stop him, naturally, and the battle revealed that Bor could hold the hammer. During the melee, Odinson threw the hammer at Bor. Bor simply caught the hammer and cast it aside in a vulgar display of power.

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