Pennyworth's First Major Casualty Speaks Out About Shocking Death

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Lady Penelope," the latest episode of Pennyworth.

Following a tumultuous relationship and engagement strained by class division, Alfred Pennyworth and Esme Winikus' relationship is no more. In "Lady Penelope," the latest episode of Pennyworth, Esme was killed by a mysterious assailant, who strangled her to death in the apartment Alfred bought for her. Alfred barged in a moment too late, only to discover his fiancée's body on the floor.

Speaking to CBR, Esme actor Emma Corrin addressed her character's brutal fate and the impact it will have on Alfred. She weighed in on whether or not she will return to the series in some capacity and shared her favorite scene from the series so far. She also offered a few words about Esme's quiet strength and praised her complexity.

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CBR: How long have you known about Esme's fate? How did they break the news to you?

Corrin: I have known about Esme’s fate pretty much since the beginning of shooting! Bruno [Heller] broke the news to me himself but was very open and honest with me about it, and once he had shared his reasons for Esme’s death, it became clear that it’s such an incredibly necessary part of Alfred’s arc in the show.

What are the odds we'll see you back on the show down the line, in flashbacks or dreams or otherwise?

Well! Not going to make any promises, but it’s the DC universe... so who knows what’s possible.

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What impact do you believe your role will have on Alfred on his journey to becoming part of the Batman mythology?

I feel like Esme and Alfred worked because she saw something in him that he had stopped seeing since coming back from the war: his humanity. And I think she showed him kindness that maybe he didn’t show himself. So I hope that, on Alfred’s journey after Esme, he will carry on that quality with him and look for it in other people.

Which element of Esme are you most proud of bringing to the series?

In Esme, Bruno created a wonderfully complex character, and I admire her sensitivity, her moments of vulnerability and also those moments of intense bravery and strength. So I suppose I’m proud of showcasing her complexity as a person.

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What was your favorite moment or scene on the show?

A favorite moment would definitely have to be filming Esme’s dance with Bet Sykes: two complex female characters thrown together in this creepy, yet sort of heartbreaking scenario. It was wacky and also magical. Also really enjoyed filming the footage of Esme’s play; we have a chance to see her in her own world, doing what she loves, and I think that’s really special.

If you, personally, could speak to Esme and tell her one thing, what would it be?

I mean, I would have to tell her not to go to the flat that night! BUT I would also want to tell her to give herself more credit for being strong. We often see her apologizing to Alfred for feeling weak and I would want to tell her that it’s okay to feel fear, that it does not mean she’s not extremely tough. 'Cause she is.

Developed by former Gotham collaborators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, Pennyworth stars Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth, Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, Jason Flemyng as Lord Harwood, Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes, Ryan Fletcher as Dave Boy, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Bazza and Jessica Ellerby as the Queen. The series debuts July 28 at 9 pm ET/PT on EPIX.

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