Pennyworth Clip: Thomas & Martha Pretend to Be Exes to Avoid Awkward Situation

Martha Kane may be a member of the No-Name League, but she didn't sign up to be a babysitter. In a CBR-exclusive clip from this week's Pennyworth, Thomas Wayne asks his reluctant partner for some unorthodox help with his drug-addled sister Patricia.

The clip starts off with an early morning knock on Martha's door. When she answered it, dressed in her pajamas no less, she was surprised to see Thomas and Patricia in the hall. Thomas soon made his way inside, then dumped Patricia on the couch. "I have urgent business to attend to and I can't leave her alone in this state," he insisted, asking Martha to keep an eye on his sister for a few hours.

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After a quick back-and-forth, she warily agreed. However, they couldn't exactly tell Patricia the nature of their business and so had to construct a ruse she would believe. Thomas suggested Martha could pretend to be his ex-girlfriend. Martha acquiesced, but had one question: "Did you dump me or did I dump you? She looks like the kind of woman who will ask." At that, Thomas suggested she "dumped" him, even as Patricia demanded to know where she was.

In the show, Martha and Thomas work together for the No-Name League -- or so Martha believes, anyway. As revealed last week, Thomas is actually an informant for the CIA, which may throw a wrench in his already-tenuous relationship with Martha. For now, though, she will be kept rather busy by Patricia Wayne and the sinister Aleister Crowley.

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According to the episode description for "Cilla Black,"

Martha and Patricia Wayne attend a debauched party with famed magician Aleister Crowley.

Developed by former Gotham collaborators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, Pennyworth stars Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth, Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, Jason Flemyng as Lord Harwood, Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes, Ryan Fletcher as Dave Boy, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Bazza and Jessica Ellerby as the Queen. The series airs Sundays at 9 pm ET/PT on EPIX.

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