Penny-Farthing Press unveils new "Anne Steelyard and the Garden of Emptiness: An Honorary Man" graphic novel

Official Press Release

Penny-Farthing Press (PFP) is thrilled to unveil their brand new graphic novel, Anne Steelyard and the Garden of Emptiness: An Honorary Man at the Diamond Retailer Summit. This will be a Summit exclusive and all retailers attending will be the first to see this exciting new book. Anne Steelyard is written by bestselling author Barbara Hambly (Patriot Hearts, The Emancipator's Wife), with pencils by Alex Kosakowski and Ron Randall and colors by Mike Garcia.

Anne Steelyard is a historical and mystical adventure that follows the struggles of a female archaeologist in pre World-War I Mesopotamia. Told in a series of three graphic novels, it is the story of an accomplished and courageous woman attempting to find her place in a turn-of-the-century man's world.

PFP will also showcase the last two graphic novels in The Victorian series: The Victorian, Act IV: Self-Overcoming and The Victorian, Act V: Self-Exsoulment. Paul Dale Roberts of Jazma Online says The Victorian, Act IV, "is like a major summer blockbuster movie unfolding in my hands!" and The Victorian, Act V, "is arguably the most gripping, surprising, and satisfying thriller in many decades!"

As always, Penny-Farthing Press will have it's highly recognized collection of graphic novels and comics on hand, including The Loch Trilogy, Captain Gravity and the Power of the Vril, Stuart Moore's PARA and the critically acclaimed Decoy series.

Penny-Farthing Press was founded in 1998 and is based in Houston, Texas.

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