Penny-Farthing Press Makes its Television Debut on CBS Yes, Dear

Official Press Release

Penny-Farthing Press is excited to announce its television debut on the CBS Monday night sitcom Yes, Dear. The episode entitled, "Hooked on Comics" aired on September 29, 2003 at 8PM ET/PT and featured Tim Conway (The Carol Burnett Show) as a man who begins his retirement by financing a childhood love for comic books. Penny-Farthing Press titles such as Captain Gravity, Decoy, The Loch, The Victorian, and Zendra appeared throughout the episode as background scenery at The San Diego Comic Convention.

"We couldn't be happier." Penny-Farthing Press publisher Ken White explained. "Just out of the blue, a set decorator for Yes, Dear called and asked if we had trade show materials that we would be able to send to California on short notice. Our answer: How much do you want?"

Yes, Dear, a comedy sit-com centered on the contrasting parenting styles of two young couples explores family dynamics on all levels. Well-known actors such as Tim Conway and Vickie Lawrence make guest appearances on the show as the parents of main character Greg Warner played by Anthony Clark.

In the "Hooked on Comics" episode, Greg's parents come to California for a visit and Greg learns that his father (Conway) has spent a large amount of money on rare comic books. He is also shocked to find that his father has begun to dress like Superman. In an effort to break his father of his obsession, Greg tries to interest him in other hobbies with little luck, and finally agrees to accompany his father to the San Diego Comic Convention. Once there, Greg finally learns that Superman and his dad have something in common: they are both adopted.

For "Hooked on Comics," PFP sent several posters, comic books, t-shirts, catalogues, and banners to give the sound stage an authentic "comic con" feel and maintained constant contact with the set decorator.

"We weren't sure if we were even going to be on the show," White said. "Several other companies sent material, too, and the set decorator told us to not get out hopes up. In the end, we were amazed on how much exposure we got. PFP was everywhere. The main dialogue between Anthony Clark and Tim Conway even took place in front of four Penny-Farthing Press posters."

Log on to www.pfpress.com to see clips from the episode or check out www.cbs.com to learn more about the show and upcoming episodes. Also watch for the re-run of "Hooked on Comics" later this year.

Penny-Farthing Press publishes Captain Gravity, Decoy, The Victorian, Zendra, and, The Loch, the first hardcover book in its Mythics children's imprint. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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