Penny Farthing Press Hires New Senior Editor

Official Press Release

Houston, TX – February 12, 2007 – Penny-Farthing Press (PFP) is proud toannounce that they have hired Celina Paquette as their new Senior Editor.Celina brings strong training and editorial abilities to her new position atPFP and her contagious enthusiasm has won over the entire staff.

Celina is new to the comic book industry but hopes to bring her love of allkinds of literature to the production process at PFP. "I am learning somuch about this industry," she states, "and I look forward to being anintegral part in continuing the high standards that PFP is known for."

When asked what she hopes to accomplish at PFP, she says, "I hope to workwith more great authors such as Barbara Hambly, who is writing our AnneSteelyard graphic novels. And since I would also like to bring my literarysensibility to the world of comics and graphic novels, I find PFP to be aperfect fit for me. They are dedicated to publishing high quality books withstrong story content."

Celina has also attended several comic book conventions with PFP includingSan Diego Comic Con and Small Press Expo in Maryland. "New York Comic Conis our next convention and I'm excited to meet the fans and professionalswho will be there. This is the other part of my job that I really enjoy. Ilike meeting new writers and talking about new project ideas for PFP. Oneday I would love to be a part of the entire process of finding a writer orscript and watching it come to fruition as a PFP comic or graphic novel."

Celina Paquette is a native Houstonian who received her Bachelor's degree inEnglish from the University of Houston. She then went on to earn a Master'sdegree in Creative Writing from Texas State University in San Marcos.Before PFP, she worked as an editorial intern on university publications andwas a dedicated bookseller for Barnes and Noble.

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