<i>Penny Arcade</i> leaps, Liefeld-style, into the game <i>Comic Jumper</i>

The people behind the hit webcomic Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, are lending their skills and comic timing toward the promotion of the upcoming video game Comic Jumper. In this game, players can jump through different comic-book genres on a path to complete their quests -- each time they land in a new comic, the style of the artwork changes to reflect that.


The game's publisher, Twisted Pixel Games, enlisted the comickers to work up a comic strip as a companion piece to the video game, and apparently they went all out. For this unique project,  Holkins and Krahulik picked the infamous style that Rob Liefeld made famous during his run on '90s classics New Mutants, X-Force and Youngblood.

"Obviously you can look back on that stuff now and it’s pretty silly but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being heavily inspired by it at the time," Krahulik wrote in a post on the Penny Arcade site. "Rob may not have had the best grasp of anatomy, storytelling, perspective, or composition but his shit was fucking dynamic and as a young man I ate it up."

In addition to the comic itself, the pair is also giving away an XBOX 360 decorated with art from this project. The contest is unique, but I won't spoil it, so check out the website.

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