Penn & Teller Team With "Spider-Man/Deadpool" In Jillette-Written Story

Spider-Man and Deadpool will soon meet up with another famous comedy duo: Penn and Teller. As revealed in episode 251 of the "This Week in Marvel" podcast, magician and comedian Penn Jillette will pen the upcoming "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #11, which will see the titular duo get into trouble with the pair of performers.

"I had to mull it over for like two or three seconds," Jillette joked on the podcast. "I mean, what book could be more exciting?...Of all the characters in comic books, it doesn't get better than Deadpool and Spider-Man. It's a dream come true for a lot of things."

The issue will feature art from Scott Koblish, who's no stranger to Deadpool fans; Koblish previously illustrated the "inventory" issues of "Deadpool" as well as the upcoming "animated" "Deadpool Annual." This isn't the first comic credit that Jillette has earned, however. Jillette had a written homage to the Dark Knight published in 1989's "Batman" #600 and contributed a story to "Dark Horse Presents" in 1998. His own one-shot, "The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers and Chunky Highlights," was published by Oni Press in 1999.

"Spider-Man/Deadpool" #11 arrives in stores this November.

(via Newsarama)

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