Peek inside the world's largest LEGO store

As anticipated, the world's largest LEGO store opened this week in Shanghai, China, and it's everything a brick fan (of any age) could hope for.

Located in Disneytown, just outside the new Shanghai Disneyland, the company's first anchor store in Asia measures more than 10,700 square feet, and stretches across two floors. Within that space are large-scale models of Disney, Marvel and Pixar characters (it is Disneyland, after all), an enormous dragon, and the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

There are also indoor and outdoor play areas, and, of course, plenty of merchandise.

The Danish toy giant already has more than 20 stores in China, and will open a LEGOLand Discovery Center next month in Shanghai. It’s also building a LEGO factory in Jiaxing, China, expected to be operational next year.

The Shanghai Disney Resort, which has already hosted previews, will open to the public on June 16.

Lego gets a new shop at Disney Resorthttps://t.co/MZT6bKG4Bo pic.twitter.com/iR8XdH0927

— Shanghai Daily (@shanghaidaily) May 12, 2016

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