Peek inside Cloonan & Belanger's 'Southern Cross'

Although Southern Cross, the sci-fi horror series from Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge, doesn't debut from Image Comics until March, its production blog has already proved itself a must-read. Or a must-view, in any case.

The series follows Alex Braith as she boards the oil tanker Southern Cross en route to Saturn's moon Titan to collect her sister's remains, retrace her steps and uncover answers about her death.

On the blog, the creators have posted everything from character designs to logo treatments for the comic's galactic oil company to -- best of all for anyone who ever spent hours poring over schematics of Titans Tower or the U.S.S. Enterprise -- a top-down blueprint of the Southern Cross itself.

"The Southern Cross design is based on the look of contemporary oil barges and cruise ships," Belanger explains. "Despite having free design range our story in a lot of ways captures the air and mystery of older classic tales. [...] My favorite modern artist at the moment is Kris Kuksi. He does hyper-detailed wall reliefs using classical sculpture. You could say he brings to pop art what Darrow does to comics! Hyper-detailed tiny worlds. I try to capture some of that in the Cross. I want it to not only feel like an old tanker but have all the makings of a haunted house or castle. It’s our OVERLOOK HOTEL!"

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