NBC Unveils 'NBC Comedy Universe' with Live Peacock Campaign

NBC recently announced a slew of plans for its digital streaming service, Peacock, including reboots for Saved By the Bell and possibly The Office. Now, NBC Entertainment Co-Chair Paul Telegdy has pronounced the company's intentions to draw inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creating a shared comedy universe for all of its shows.

Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore would join The Office and several other NBC comedy offerings in this connected world, paving the way for potential crossovers between fan-favorite characters.

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"We’re proud that our characters and our created worlds are wholly original and incredibly long-lasting intellectual property assets," Telegdy said before acknowledging the merchandising opportunities that stem from such an endeavor.

Speaking on the company's commitment to comedy, NBC Entertainment Marketing/Digital President Len Fogge said, "We just have had this growing sense over the past couple of years that we were getting our comedy mojo back. Especially in an era where our comedies go elsewhere, we came up with the line ‘comedy starts here.’ Because it does. The shows that are so popular on streaming services are NBC comedies… For people who know it we remind them and for people who don’t, we want to let them know this is an NBC show."

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