Peach and the Isle of Monsters #1

Story by
Art by
Agnes Garbowska
Colors by
Zac Atkinson
Letters by
Marshall Dillon
Cover by

Writer Franco Aureliani and artist Agnes Garbowska bring "Peach and the Isle of Monsters" #1 to Aw Yeah Comics! via the Comixology Submit program. A coming of age tale with a young female protagonist, this comic book is certain to appeal to fans of both creators, but more importantly, it delivers a complete, approachable tale.

"Peach and the Isle of Monsters" #1 overcomes a very verbose beginning where, through no fault of his own, Marshall Dillon's word balloons threaten to completely choke out Garbowska's art. That happens three pages into this comic, but by the sixth page, the story finds its rhythm and Garbowska is afforded more real estate to draw her incredibly expressive characters.

Garbowska's art defies ages for her subjects, but is certain to appeal to readers of all ages as it treads between storybook, manga, comic strip and comic book art. Peach and her newfound allies appear as though they could step out of the panels in "Peach and the Isle of Monsters" #1 and stroll right into "Peanuts" without missing a panel. Garbowska is smart with her panel space and page layouts, giving the characters room to move and space for the world around them to be as big or small as it needs to be. Zac Atkinson's colors melt nicely into Garbowska's art, making every panel of this comic book look like a rare, one-of-a-kind collectible. This is exactly what a young reader-friendly all ages comic book should look like.

"Peach and the Isle of Monsters" #1 is a fun tale that does a magnificent "Frozen"-like job of featuring a female protagonist who doesn't need rescuing and isn't defined by her love interest. Aureliani does a fine job of setting the story up. There is, of course, a required plot twist thrown in for good measure, and the conclusion doesn't veer too far off course from where readers might suspect this story is going, but the creative team delivers a fun journey for readers along the way. After all, comic book stories aren't about the conclusion, they're about the journey.

Aureliani and Garbowska make a fine pairing, and "Peach and the Isle of Monsters" #1 is the type of story certain to transcend genre and audience. Like "Tiny Titans," this comic appears to be directed at younger readers, but the true target is the younger reader inside the heart of readers of every age. The creative team stays true to the target, establishing a new corner of the Aw Yeah Comics! line that needs to be revisited some time soon.

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