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Thanks for stopping by on a Monday to read Pipeline. Pipeline will be all-new every day this week. I'm using this as a prototype for Pipeline Daily, if it were to ever happen. To that end, I'm working as hard as I can at limiting the size of each column. Instead of the insane couple of thousand words you usually read from me twice a week, I'm going to try to keep it closer to 1000 words per day for five straight days. You get shorter columns, but more words and, hopefully, more commentary and review worth reading. Please write in and let me know how it works for you.

I'll start the week out with a look at three titles that are due out in comic shops in North America this Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a spotlight on G.I. JOE. In addition to reviewing the G.I. JOE CONVENTION SPECIAL, I'll be looking at the DVD release of the G.I. JOE MOVIE, and how this all related back to childhood.

In addition to some more comic reviews, Pipeline Daily will also include looks at the latest PREVIEWS for books shipping in October and the UNBREAKABLE DVD.WHAT'S COMING OUT THIS WEEKADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #595 brings the fight to earth and Washington, D.C., in particular. Lex Luthor is trapped in the War Room in the White House and can only battle back with his wits. Meanwhile, Superman confronts Darkseid.

At this point, Lex Luthor is switching allegiances and strategies at a clip only surpassed by the cast of BIG BROTHER 2. He's a crafty little devil, and the cast of characters surrounding him gets more and more interesting. There are at least three surrounding him in this issue, but I won't be spoiling their roles. If I weren't so lost in this OUR WORLDS AT WAR event, I'd probably be relishing the politics of the situation a lot more. As it stands, the most enjoyable issues so far have been the ones occurring at the periphery.

Joe Casey and Mike Wieringo (with Jose Marzan Jr. on inks) start the issue like a chapter from an early issue of THE AUTHORITY. It's got the wide black margin on the side and a legion of enemies swirling around in full widescreen action. It's a pretty nifty homage, but not a cut or a theft from the book. There's no diabolical hidden message or insider politics in here. It's just good, clean fun.

Bill Sienkiewicz illustrates another page in this issue showing the state of Strange Visitor's mind. It's not as fantastic as his two page spread in last week's issue of SUPERMAN, but it works.

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