Pay-what-you-want Humble Image Bundle to benefit CBLDF

Humble Bundle has partnered with Image Comics to offer a collection of DRM-free digital titles for as little as a penny, with a portion of proceeds going to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The promotion enables you to name your price for the first volumes of East of West, Fatale, Lazarus and Morning Glories. Those who pay more than the average amount offered (right now, that's $7.57), will also get copies of the first volumes of Chew, Revival and Saga. And those who pay more than $15 unlock the first and 20th volumes of The Walking Dead.

More than 3,580 bundles have been sold since 11 a.m. today, totaling over $29,000.

Known for its pay-what-you-want sales of video games, ebooks and even indie films, Humble Bundle has donated more than $37 million to 20 charities, ranging from Child's Play to the Human Rights Campaign.

According to Endgadget, the Image bundle is just the beginning of the company's comics plans: Following the end of the promotion, it will launch a dedicated tab on its website devoted to ebooks, audio books and comics.

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