PAX Launches Philadelphia-Based Tabletop Gaming Convention

Penny Arcade and ReedPOP are partnering together to bring a brand new convention to Philadelphia this November. The show will be called PAX Unplugged, and focus exclusively on tabletop games.

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The two businesses have partnered before -- ReedPOP is the company behind all of the PAX conventions that take place already. While those are just mostly video game conventions, this one will be the first show dedicated just to the tabletop gaming genre. For those unaware, the creators and team behind Penny Arcade are huge tabletop fans. This, it seems, is just another way to branch that out even further for those who love playing tabletop games.

According to Penny Arcade’s director of events Ryan Hartman (via Polygon), the team has already secured a large block of hotel rooms for use. “If we were going to do an out and out brand new PAX-style PAX, you could almost copy and paste the model to Philadelphia...This is a chance to be able to reinvent the wheel and do some new things...It’s going to be a PAX, but it’s going to have its own different focus.”

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PAX Unplugged will now be the third convention dedicated exclusively to tabletops games in the country. Origin Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio will take place in June, with Gen Con - the largest and longest running tabletop show - taking place in August, in Indianapolis, Indiana. While there will no doubt be competition in terms of which show fans choose to go to, Hartman says the only goal is to expand the audience of tabletop games.

The show will debut this year and will run from November 17-19 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

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