Paul WS Anderson Set For Period Disaster Flick <i>Pompeii</i>

Paul WS Anderson is certainly keeping busy. He's wrapping up work now on his steampunk-infused take on The Three Musketeers, he's got a 3D reboot of Buck Rogers lined up, and you just know he has another Resident Evil cooking somewhere in that video game-loving brain of his. Now he's set to tell a story set against the backdrop of the Mount Vesuvius volcano eruption in 79 A.D. that buried the Roman city of Pompeii, Variety reports.

Fittingly titled Pompeii, the Lee and Janet Batchler-penned tales focuses on a romance between a slave and the slave master's daughter. That romance will presumably be interrupted at varying points by the sharp crack of a whip and steaming rivers of molten, hot lava. No one has been cast yet and no start date is set, as Anderson is busy right now finishing off the post-production on Musketeers for its fall release.

Pompeii reunites the filmmaker with Constantin Film and Summit Entertainment, his studio partners on Musketeers. Roman Polanski and Roland Emmerich have both previously been discussed in connection with Pompeii-related features, but neither filmmaker has ever gotten the project off the ground.

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