BlacKkKlansman Actor Desperate to Play Batman’s Foulest Foe

Paul Walter Hauser is campaigning to play a live-action version of Penguin in a DC movie and possibly join Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Known for his roles in the likes of I, Tonya and BlacKkKsman, Hauser wants to join the ranks of Batman movie villains and play one of the Dark Knight's most infamous enemies. Hauser said that he's the right man for the job and thinks he can do what Heath Ledger did for the Joker with Oswald Cobblepot.

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Speaking to Flickering Myth, Hauser revealed that his dream part would be the chance to play Penguin in the DC Extended Universe or one of its spinoff movies. “I think that I can do with the Penguin what Heath Ledger did with the Joker," he said.

Although Hauser didn't confirm any official talks with Warner Bros., he explained it is more of a personal dream. He continued, "If somebody gives me the opportunity, I’m far from the most famous choice and I don’t know if I can put butts in seats, but I know I can give an unforgettable performance.”

Ledger starred in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and won a posthumous Academy Award for his critically-acclaimed performance as Mr. J. The Penguin is an easy sell as one of Batman's best-known rogues, having appeared in everything from the '60s TV series to Rocksteady's Arkham games and the recent Batman Ninja animated movie.

The mob boss of Gotham City's underworld was famously played by Danny DeVito in 1992's Batman Returns, and more recently by Robin Lord Taylor in Fox's Gotham. Aside from DeVito's theatrical performance, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was linked to play the Penguin in the '00s, which would've seen him star in Nolan's trilogy.

Earlier this year, rumors suggested that Penguin was the top choice of villain for Matt Reeves' The Batman, while other sources claimed that he was once linked to Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey before being cutBeauty and the Beast's Josh Gad has also started his own campaign to play the umbrella-wielding madman.

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The BlaKkKlansman star also directed fans to check out his own unofficial Penguin audition. He told readers, "[I]f you go to my Instagram page you’ll see both photographic and videographic evidence of me doing the character." Only last month, Hauser posted an impressive video on Instagram to troll Gad and officially throw his (top) hat in the ring to play Cobblepot.

While Hauser certainly has the acting potential to spread his wings as Penguin, it's important to remember that news surrounding The Batman has gone relatively quiet. Despite Ben Affleck wanting to return at the Caped Crusader, Warner Bros. is reportedly ready to move on from the Ben Affleck years of Batman. Until Penguin is officially announced as the big bad of Reeves' movie, the likes of Gad and Hauser will have to wait patiently like the rest of us.

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