Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti To Pen Deadpool "Bi-Annual"

In the comics marketplace, few superheroes take themselves less serious than Marvel's Deadpool. So it comes as no surprise that for the Merc With A Mouth's latest offering, the publisher has again tapped comedy talents to tell his story.

Announced today at The Nerdist, Marvel is releasing a "Bi-Annual" one-shot for the mutant mercenary this fall written by "The League" star Paul Scheer and his "Aliens Vs. Parker" writing partner Nick Giovannetti. The 40-page, $4.99 story will be drawn by Salva Espin under a cover by David Nakayama and will focus on Deadpool's mission to protect a dilapidated SeaWorld-esque animal park from forgotten '90s ecology-themed heroes Brute Force.

"We tried to figure out a way to make Brute Force funny but not a punchline," Scheer said. "We didn't want to rail on how lame they were, instead we tried to establish them like an animal A-Team. I'd actually like to see them on other adventures."

Giovannetti promised the story would include, "everything you love about Deadpool, plus the bat$#*% insanity Brute Force brings to the table like a bear that drives around in bear shaped vehicle and a kangaroo with Uzis."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on "Deadpool Bi-Annual" as it becomes available.

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