Paul Rudd keeps tradition alive while promoting 'Ant-Man' on 'Conan'

One of showbiz's greatest and oddest current traditions is that whenever Paul Rudd appears on a Conan O'Brien-hosted talk show -- dating back to the "Late Night" days on NBC -- when throwing to a clip of whatever movie he's ostensibly there to promote, he actually plays a scene (the same scene, every time) from 1988's "Mac and Me," an otherwise forgotten "E.T." ripoff that featured heavy McDonald's product placement.

But surely that streak would have to end with Rudd promoting "Ant-Man," a big-budget superhero film that's part of Disney's massive Marvel Studios franchise, on last night's "Conan," right? Well, yes. And no. As seen in the clip, Rudd was able to keep tradition alive while also (kind of) giving "Ant-Man" its proper exposure.

If, like Conan, you're tired of falling for Rudd's all-too-familiar antics and just want to watch the "Ant-Man" clip, you can check it out below.

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