Paul Rudd Gets To Work In New "Ant-Man" Photos

Entertainment Weekly has a feature story focusing on "Ant-Man," Marvel Studios' next solo hero film, and the long journey it has taken to arrive in theaters this summer. The film stars Paul Rudd as lead hero Scott Lang, Michael Douglas as retired do-gooder Hank Pym and Evangeline Lilly as Pym's daughter, Hope. When EW catches up with the actors, all three of them are shooting a scene in Pym's basement control room where the trio of heroes are cooking up a plan to steal an advanced "Yellowjacket" suit from bad guy Darren Cross, played by Corey Stoll.

The piece features new images from "Ant-Man," including one of Paul Rudd preparing to don his super suit, and a few more of casual moments in Hank Pym's workshop.

The in-depth article runs through the history of the production, starting at the beginning -- in Marvel Studios' pre-"Iron Man" era -- when Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were attached to bring the film to life. The duo eventually left the project when Marvel Studios took the film in a different direction than what Wright and Cornish had pitched; Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige states in the article that every change was "aboveboard. Everything was done with everybody else's knowledge."

With Wright out of the director's chair and Peyton Reed in, the actors cast in the film had to reevaluate their involvement. Evangeline Lilly had yet to sign a contract, so she could have walked away from the role of Hope Van Dyne. "I got held off for months," said Lilly. "Marvel knew [that first revised screenplay] wasn't good. They just knew it was in the direction they wanted."

Leading man Rudd and his frequent collaborator Adam McKay ("Anchorman") took a crack at the script and turned out a new draft. Despite earning the screenwriting credits, Rudd insists in the interview that you can still feel the original draft in there. "The bones of it is really [original writers] Edgar [Wright] and Joe [Cornish]," he says. "It's been an emotional roller coaster, but I'm very excited now."

The feature goes into depth about about the special effects -- mostly special lenses and motion capture -- to create the scale-shifting scenery. "What we're doing is very different from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," said director Peyton Reed. "It's going to be much more experiential."

"Ant-Man" opens in theaters on July 17. You can check out the rest of the new pics below.

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