DJ Paul Oakenfold To Tell Life Story in New Graphic Novel

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Paul Oakenfold will soon be able to tell his life story in the form of a graphic novel set to be published by Z2 Comics. The graphic novel, titled The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends, will be a "not quite true" semi-autobiographic retelling of the English record producer and trance DJ's life.

Artwork for the project will be provided by Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a Bank), Chris Hunt (Carver), Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside) and Koren Shadmi (The Abaddon). Each artist will illustrate a different era of the DJ's life. An accompanying soundtrack recorded by Oakenfold will be packaged exclusively alongside the graphic novel.

“I am honored and excited to be a part of the first electronic music graphic novel,” Oakenfold said in a statement. “Being a fan of comic books for many years, I enjoyed telling my story in this context which shows things in a different light.”

The graphic novel celebrates the 30th anniversary of Oakenfold's visit to the island of Ibiza that set in motion events that would define modern club culture and the acid house music style. A year later, Oakenfold would go on to found a record label designed to help new artists develop their careers – Perfecto Records. In 1992, Oakenfold toured with U2, and in 1999 he spent two years as a working resident at Liverpool's Cream nightclub.


The Wonderful World of Perfecto is part of a new initiative from Z2 that will see the publisher place a greater emphasis on music-related graphic novels and their accompanying soundtracks. Right now, Z2 is preparing for the release of Murder Ballads this month.

Murder Ballads is a graphic novel written by Gabe Soria, with art by Paul Reinwand and Chris Hunt, about a man who faces the dissolution of his marriage after his record label fails, only to get a second chance when he serendipitously meets a pair of bluesmen. A soundtrack by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and blues musician Robert Finley will be packaged with Murder Ballads.

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“We think bringing together music and graphic novels can be the secret sauce of Z2 Comics,” Josh Frankel, co-publisher at Z2, said. “Our goal is to work closely with musicians and graphic novel creators to create a unique experience, where the music informs the narrative of the graphic novel and vice versa.”

The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends is scheduled to release on Nov. 21 and will retail for $24.99.

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