Levitz & Kim's The Visitor Drops a Sci-Fi Mystery Into the Valiant Universe

Writer Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes) and artist MJ Kim (Faith: Dreamside) are collaborating on The Visitor, a new five-issue miniseries from Valiant Entertainment.

Described by Levitz as "a layered mystery," the sci-fi story is structured so readers can jump on "without needing to know anything about any previous comics."

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"And from what I’ve seen of MJ’s work so far, it should be a visual delight," the writer added regarding Kim's interiors.

“It’s the kind of story that starts with a bang and keeps getting louder," editor David Menchel said.

When asked how he's building the mythology for The Visitor, Levitz told The Hollywood Reporter, "For whatever set of reasons, I focused in on UN Week as a starting point, and said, "OK, what kind of havoc we have during UN Week? How would that logically tie to the life of a character with a complicated background? What can be going on?" And I started to build out from there.

The Visitor #1 (of 5) by writer Paul Levitz, artist MJ Kim, colorist Diego Rodriguez, letters by Simon Bowland and covers by Amilcar Pinna, Raùl Allén, Michael Walsh, and Kenneth Rocafort goes on sale Dec. 18.

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