Paul Greengrass Eyed to Make a 'Stand'

Stephen King's The Stand is not an easy book to adapt for film. It's a sprawling epic that casts a wide net with its characters, eventually veering off from standard post-apocalyptic plague scenario to become something otherworldly. Beyond the story-level difficulties, getting the movie made is proving a challenge for Warner Bros., as they've hired and lost two directors for the project in recent memory: Ben Affleck, and most recently, Scott Cooper.

But perhaps three is the lucky number, as far as directors and The Stand are concerned. Badass Digest contends that Paul Greengrass is the latest filmmaker in the mix for the adaptation. The Captain Phillips and Bourne director is "at the top of [the studio's] wish list," according to the report, although it's far from a sealed deal. At the moment, Greengrass is just the top example of the kind of director Warner Bros. is looking to hire.

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