Paul Dini's 'Jingle Belle' launches online comic in time for the holidays

Official Press Release

[Jingle Belle]NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA, Nov. 14 - Emmy winning writer/producer Paul Dini has announced that his comic book character Jingle Belle is now starring in her own weekly online comic strip through the holiday season.

Jing (as she's know to her friends) will star in an original weekly online comic at pop-culture retailer WickedCoolStuff.com. The strips will be written by Dini and drawn by animator Barry Caldwell.

Jing will also host "Jing's Wicked Cool Gift Guide," and will present a full line of Jingle Belle merchandise including Jingle Belle comic books by Oni Press, a t-shirt, lunch box and exclusive items including an autographed Jingle Belle and Tashi, limited edition Jingle Belle Wacky Wobbler by Funko.

"I'm thrilled to be working with WickedCoolStuff.com," said Dini. "Besides the online comic I'm also excited about the new Jingle Belle Wacky Wobbler! I've got one on my desk right now."

Links to the Jingle Belle comics, features and merchandise can be found at: http://www.WickedCoolStuff.com/jinglebelle.html

In a recent article on AintItCoolNews.com Harry Knowles wrote "What I love about Jingle Belle is here's a character that is instantly a new layer to the Christmas legend. Santa Claus goes all over the world giving presents to good boys and girls, but in his own house he has a naughty teenage daughter. She's an immortal teenage girl who can't help being Christmas-y no matter what."

Paul Dini is a five time Emmy winner and is best known for his work on various Warner Brothers animation projects, such as "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker." Dini's other forays into comic books include his best-selling large format DC Comics titles with artist Alex Ross including this year's "Wonder Woman: The Spirit Of Truth."

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