Harley Quinn Co-Creator Teases Mysterious Team-Up

DC Comics veteran and Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini has posted a set of photos to his Facebook page, apparently teasing his next big comic book team-up. Accompanied by a caption that reads "feeling cryptic tonight," the collage includes poison ivy leaves, a certain black and white species of bird, a baby doll and a brown rabbit.

Feeling cryptic tonight.

Posted by Paul Dini on Saturday, November 3, 2018

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It didn't take long for fans to decode the message and identify all the DC characters being mentioned, with one fan commenting, "Poison Ivy, Magpie, Baby Doll and March Hare. Now that's a team-up."

After this comment was made, Dini did not beat around the bush any longer, replying with a comment of his own that simply reads, "Yes. And Soon."

A team-up featuring these characters is something that seems to be right in Dini's wheelhouse. After all, the writer has spent a lot of time with the classic Batman villain Poison Ivy, chronicling her adventures with Harley Quinn in comics and on television.

Moreover, Baby Doll (who, like Harley, first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series) and March Hare are both characters of Dini's creation.

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Finally, with the debut of Gotham's fifth and final season just around the corner, the inclusion of Magpie in this new team-up will likely serve to give the character, who is still a relatively obscure member of the Dark Knight's rogue's gallery, even more exposure among newer fans.

As of right now, however, DC has made no official announcement regarding when this new team-up can be expected, with the only hint being Dini's tease that it will be coming "soon."

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